Play Therapy is to children what counselling is to adults. Play Therapy utilises play, childrens natural medium of expression, to help them express their feelings more easily through toys instead of words.

Child-centred Play Therapy is a deeply respectful, empathic and effective form of counselling and psychotherapy for children from 2-11 years old. It is a humanistic play therapy modality that provides wonderful opportunities for early intervention with children. Child-centred Play Therapy fosters the childs innate potential and encourages the unique development and emotional growth of the child. Child-centred Play Therapy helps children work through emotional, psychosocial, developmental and behavioural difficulties.

Parents/carers are an important part of the process in working with a child in Play Therapy and during the process of the therapy there will be regular contact with the parents/carers in scheduled meetings.

Play Therapy supports the childs innate capacity for inner growth, development and healing. It is designed to help children grow up as happy as possible.

Robyn has trained in a non-directive, child-centred play therapy and consults with families in her rooms in Malvern East. Children are invited to participate in a play therapy programme, after the consultation with parents/carers, in the specially prepared Play Room which is part of the rooms in Malvern East.


Play Therapy is most helpful for children experiencing difficulties such as fears, anxieties, depression, school phobia, separation anxiety, difficulty making friends, poor self-image. Also, for children who are experiencing feelings of jealousy, grief, anger, or an inability to express these emotions.

Robyn has specialised in chronic and gastrointestinal disorders and the psychological difficulties that can come with these conditions. Children experience the anxiety and depression that can come with these medical conditions. Also when others in the family are experiencing chronic illness, children can experience distress without being able to express this in words, rather they show their distress through inappropriate or defiant behaviour. Play Therapy has been helpful for children to express themselves through play rather than words.

Play Therapy can facilitate a childs confidence and appropriate assertiveness, self-directed learning, and self-reliance.


Parents/carers can contact Robyn at her rooms with any questions or any observations they may wish to speak about.

Country and regional families are invited to make contact and skype may be utilised to facilitate this contact.